DSGuardian - Directory recovery at the speed of your business !

Specialized Data Recovery solution for your LDAP recovery

Today, directories are critical components used to manage identities and information on an unprecedented scale. Any unintentional change to the directory, whether caused by object deletion, a faulty script or faulty hardware, could bring the entire system to an unceremonious and grinding halt.

In terms of your data recovery plan, DSGuardian is a necessary and invaluable tool in your arsenal. It provides immediate online restoration that minimizes downtime. Any object or attribute can be recovered in just a few minutes with only a few mouse clicks. In critical cases, the entire directory can be recovered, right down to the schema. The DSGuardian interface is easy to use and backups can be automated. Microsoft Active Directory and OpenLDAP are also supported in addition to Novell eDirectory. 


Flexible Recovery Options: recover as much as the entire tree or as little as a single object or attribute

DSGuardian provides maximum flexibility and granular control during the ecovery process, thereby allowing administrators to recover exactly what they need – whether it’s the entire tree, a certain portion of the directory, individual objects or, even, individual attributes. Critically, this granular control minimizes the overall impact since any individual attribute can be recovered without affecting other attributes or disrupting the daily operation of the system.

Maximum IT efficiency with streamlined backup and recovery

Quick and easy directory recovery. DSGuardian simplifies the recovery process, allowing you to strengthen your current disaster recovery plan without overextending your IT resources. For your ease, DSGuardian highlights all changes since last or selected recovery points.

Centralized, automated backup

DSGuardian allows the administrator to schedule and automate the backup which, in turn, lowers the cost and the complexity of IT management while giving you peace of mind. The historical backup repository gives you an unrivalled level of change control allowing you to easily restore a deleted object back to a previous stage. Multiple sites can be backed up to a previous state. Multiple sites can be backed up to a central location, meaning that DSGuardian can be scales seamlessly to meet a deployment of any size.

Empower your other Novell or NetIQ products

DSGuardian will not only protect your own extensions and objects but also Novell and NetIQ products such as Groupwise, ZENworks and Identity Manager with its complex set of extensions such as drivers, policies, entitlements, associations,… or Securelogin with all your application profiles and user credentials.

Strengthen your existing backup investment

There is no need to replace your current disaster recovery solutions since DSGuardian focuses exclusively on directory services for Novell eDirectory, Microsoft Active Directory or OpenLDAP. This enables you to fill this critical necessity and back your existing investment up. DSGuardian is a Disk / Databasebased recovery tool which means that your existing backup solution can be combined with our product to provide off-line storage of your system.

Improve IT efficiency with centralized, streamlined directory backup and recovery

Minimize downtime and productivity loss - recover single objects or portions of the tree, including links between objects, in minutes

Automate backup process for unmatched level of change control & Ensure referential integrity with automatic restoration of all links and references

Maximize return on investment with single s olution for Novell eDirectory and in option for Microsoft Active Directory systems or OpenLDAP

Ensure to properly support and maintain your NetIQ environment: Identity Manager (Drivers, Entitlements, Rules, Roles, Associations), Access Manager, Securelogin (User credentials,…)

Protect your own schema extensions and objects, leveraging the power of your LDAP repository for your own use

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